AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-30Fix and tweak pulse/miner displayHEADmasterJason Rhinelander
2020-09-29Spruce up block display; DRY tx fetching codeJason Rhinelander
2020-09-26gracefully fail on /search endpoint with no queryJeff
2020-09-26make sure show_blocks doesn't refernces no blocks and if it does make it not ...Jeff
2020-09-26initial try of block pageJeff
2020-09-15Misc. fixesJason Rhinelander
2020-09-11Don't show miner blocks as having 1 inputJason Rhinelander
2020-09-11Fix exception when no SNsJason Rhinelander
2020-09-03Misc. fixesJason Rhinelander
2020-09-01More efficient key_indices calculation + delete key_offsetsJason Rhinelander
2020-09-01Fix key offsets being offsets, not indicesJason Rhinelander
2020-09-01Add separate wrappers for mainnet/testnet/devnetJason Rhinelander
2020-09-01Add checkpoints to main indexJason Rhinelander
2020-09-01Various tweaks/fixesJason Rhinelander
2020-08-31Implement searchJason Rhinelander
2020-08-31Add service node details pageJason Rhinelander
2020-08-31Add cache subkey; allow non-caching requestsJason Rhinelander
2020-08-30Add tx details pageJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Add tx symbol & add missing fee to mempool tx listJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Add uwsgi-emperor vassal configJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Add missing stylesJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Add /service_nodesJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Move lmq connection & FutureJSON into lmq.pyJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Update pylokimq for crash fixJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Rename "" to ""Jason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Only set debug stuff if running as mainJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Move config to separate fileJason Rhinelander
2020-08-19Add a note about needing a new JinjaJason Rhinelander
2020-08-18Add service node info on indexJason Rhinelander
2020-08-18Update pylokimq & increase request sizeJason Rhinelander
2020-08-17Add babel to requirementsJason Rhinelander
2020-08-17Add primitive readmeJason Rhinelander
2020-08-17Initial commitJason Rhinelander