AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-29make it compileHEADmasterJeff Becker
2020-02-19add new-installer (old installer is in the same place)Rick V
2020-02-19fix windows build, which somehow mostly worksRick V
2020-02-19fix 32-bit archs and set link flags for sysVRick V
2020-02-19typo fixJeff Becker
2020-02-19add static tor makefile with docsJeff Becker
2020-02-19mac changesJeff Becker
2020-02-19remove debug flagJeff Becker
2020-02-19fix cryptography so that it worksJeff Becker
2020-02-19ammend torrcJeff Becker
2020-02-19initial sweep of "making it compile"Jeff Becker
2020-02-07Auth refactor, fix, update (#1)Yang Liu
2020-01-31Progress on V3:Marco Simonelli
2020-01-23Merge branch 'dev-update-onion-v3' of in...Marco Simonelli
2020-01-23- getProofData now supports v3Marco Simonelli
2020-01-23. modified several places to add v3 supportarufu
2020-01-171. V3 Private key and serviceID now can be saved to ricochet.jsonarufu
2020-01-16marked all code need to be fixedJarvis Dong
2020-01-15added v3 function callsJarvis Dong
2020-01-15add lib/Jarvis Dong
2020-01-15sign returns int 1 if successJarvis Dong
2020-01-15add v3 signature byte lengthJarvis Dong
2020-01-14modify if else structure to make v3 compatiblityJarvis Dong
2020-01-14add v3 compatible condition for verifying signatureJarvis Dong
2020-01-13remove unnecessary foldersJarvis Dong
2020-01-13update ignore listJarvis Dong
2020-01-13update ignore listJarvis Dong
2020-01-13update ignore listJarvis Dong
2020-01-13add functions for signing and verifying ed25519 keys returned by Tor v3Jarvis Dong
2020-01-03remove 3rd party dependsJarvis Dong
2020-01-03remove generated protobuf filesJarvis Dong
2020-01-03remove debuggin filesJarvis Dong
2019-12-23added base32 library; implemented public key decodingHaojun Dong
2019-12-20cmakelist for mac usersHaojun Dong
2019-12-20update ignore listJarvis Dong
2019-12-19modified git ignoreYang Liu
2019-12-19removed some file from git tracks (git rm -r --cached), added .gitignoreYang Liu
2019-12-18initial commit, added (modified) files.Yang Liu